NEW RELEASE – Glossarju: Germaniz-Malti-Germaniz ebook

FARAXA Publishing has the pleasure of announce the release of the ebook edition of the scholarly work Glossarju: Germaniz-Malti / Malti-Germaniz by Ritianne Stanyer, Toni Aquilina (Ed.), Alfred Scalpello. Previously available only in paperback edition, this German-Maltese-German glossary was scientifically compiled, making it an indispensable tool for anyone desiring to learn the German language and/or visit a German-speaking country. It is the first of its kind in the history of the teaching of German in Malta and is aimed specifically at the needs of the Maltese public.

Each entry in the glossary is exploited to the full through its use in a complete sentence, rather than limited to its equivalent in the target language. This approach was employed to solve individual problems of expression, while respecting Maltese and German cultural contexts. The book is user friendly and has two appendices: one with a localized key for the pronunciation of German sounds vis-à-vis the letters of the alphabet, another with cardinal and ordinal numbers in both languages presented in parallel.


The Glossarju: Germaniz-Malti / Malti-Germaniz can also be obtained in paperback edition directly from our eStore. A Kindle edition of the book will be forthcoming soon.