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Sheryl Loeffler featured in the Times of Malta

One of our North American authors, Sheryl Loeffler, has recently been featured in the Times of Malta, the leading English language newspaper of the Maltese Islands. She was interviewed by Paul Xuereb, locally renowned critic, about her book of pictures and poems A Land in the Storytelling Sea: A North American in Malta. Sheryl’s interview can be found here.




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NEW RELEASE – A Land in the Storytelling Sea ebook edition




FARAXA Publishing has the pleasure of announcing the release of the Kindle edition of its first poetry book A Land in the Storytelling Sea: A North American in Malta by Sheryl Loeffler. The book was already released in paperback edition on May 9, 2014.

Sensual, painterly, even prayerful, these 50 poems and 50 full color original pictures by Sheryl Loeffler deepen into a land of legend and myth, an island populated, past and present, by saints, beggars and pirates, all of whom are blessed by “vivid geometries” of light. Sheryl Loeffler portrays Malta as a country awash in splendor and contradiction, “this land where Christians call God Alla.” A Land in the Storytelling Sea is quietly pleasurable in its narrative journey and in its subtle and seductive craft.


About Sheryl Loeffler


Sheryl Loeffler is a writer and musician who has lived and worked in Canada all her adult life. She holds degrees from Wittenberg University and the University of Waterloo. She has also pursued doctoral studies in Renaissance Drama at the University of Toronto. During the 1990s, Sheryl Loeffler served as senior writer at Wilfrid Laurier University’s Telecollege Productions Inc. Her 12 half-hour scripts on Canadian Political Science were produced and aired for several years on TVOntario.


In April 2005, Sheryl Loeffler jumped off the edge of her known universe to live and write in Malta, at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, returning to Canada in May 2006. Her poetry has been published in literary magazines in Austria, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Our author interview with Sheryl Loeffler can be found here.


A Land in the Storytelling Sea: A North American in Malta is available in paperback edition from Amazon worldwide, other major booksellers and directly from our eStore. It is now also available in Kindle edition from all Amazon sites.




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Toni Aquilina wins the 2014 Ostana Prize for translations




One of our most prolific translators, Prof. Anthony (Toni) Aquilina (shown during his presentation at Ostana), has just won the 2014 Premio Ostana scritture in lingua madre [2014 Ostana Prize for translations into the mother language]. A professor of translation at the University of Malta, Aquilina was awarded the Ostana Prize for his significant contribution to both Maltese and French literature, by translating major French works into the Maltese language.

Aquilina is the translator of many books published by FARAXA including Sbuhija Mohlija u stejjer ohra by Guy de Maupassant, L-Alla tal-Herba by Yazmina Reza, Is-Sajf by Albert Camus, Is-Sur Ibrahim u l-Fjuri fil-Koran by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt and Il-Litteratura fit-Traduzzjoni, an anthology of translations by the Department of Translation, Terminology and Interpretive Studies of the University of Malta. All the above translations by Toni Aquilina are available in paperback edition from major booksellers and directly from our eStore.




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Sheryl Loeffler in another book signing event

Here is a picture from the latest book signing event featuring Sheryl Loeffler, one of our latest authors, with the paperback edition of her book A Land in the Storytelling Sea: A North American in Malta. Proving to be very popular both locally and internationally, this book of 50 poems and 50 full color original pictures portrays a land of legend and myth, an island populated, past and present, by saints, beggars and pirates, all of whom are blessed by “vivid geometries” of light. A Land in the Storytelling Sea is currently available in paperback edition from all major booksellers and directly from our eStore. The ebook edition will be out shortly.

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Bormla: A Struggling Community in the news media




Dr JosAnn Cutajar’s Bormla: A Struggling Community (FARAXA Publishing, 2014) has just been featured in The Malta Independent, the second largest newspaper in English by circulation, in the Maltese Islands. Called “a very timely book indeed,” Cutajar’s work was said to be “impeccably researched . . . and full of useful statistical data.” Bormla: A Struggling Community is available in paperback, hardback and ebook editions from all major booksellers and directly from our eStore.




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Keith Attard speaks about Ballun Pingut 2

Our newest author Keith Attard will be interviewed about his book Ballun Pingut 2 on the program Filghodu, which is going to be aired on Radio Malta 2 (105.9 FM) on Friday, June 13, 2014, at 9.00 am.

Ideal for the World Cup, Ballun Pingut 2 is available in both paperback and ebook editions.

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Ballun Pingut 2 launched




Ballun Pingut 2 by Keith Attard (FARAXA Publishing, 2014) was launched on Friday, June 6, 2014, at the Hotel Le Meridien, Saint Julians, Malta. The event was covered in the national news media including Newsbook and Television Malta.

During the launch, Keith spoke about his interest in the intersection of soccer and the Maltese language, together with what led him to write the second edition of this glossary. Greatly welcomed by the audience present and other members of both the general and sporting public, Ballun Pingut 2 looks to be a very popular book, especially in these days of the run-up to the World Cup.


Ballun Pingut 2 can be obtained from major booksellers worldwide including Amazon and directly from our eStore.




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Another 5-star review for Bormla: A Struggling Community




Coming at a moment when historic Bormla (one of the ‘Three Cities’ of Malta’s magnificent Grand Harbour facing Valletta) is just possibly beginning to shake off decades of neglect, this is a very timely book indeed.

Bormla: A Struggling Community is a very good book, impeccably researched (through a questionnaire addressed to co-operative local residents) and packed full of useful statistical data. All this material is sobering, confirming as it does that Bormla, after the depopulation caused by the tragic aerial bombardment of the Second World War and the sad later decline of the Malta Docks, has indeed been struggling socio-economically in the modern world – struggling both to survive on a daily basis and to prevail more heroically in an unfair world towards a better future. It is a serious document, at once academically objective and warmly committed to improving the quality of life in an area that once was (and could still be) so vibrant and attractive.


I found myself reading the book – it is most lucidly written by the way – with a mixture of hope and frustration.


Frustration that so much needs to be done right now to support the many good and long-suffering people of the community. Frustration too that the equally pressing and connected matter of the systematic restoration of the entire city’s infrastructure and architectural fabric has yet to be seriously addressed. Bormla possesses baroque palaces and convents and medieval streets rivaling and even exceeding more fortunate areas of Malta, not to mention arguably the largest and finest system of 17th century double fortifications anywhere in existence.


But hope too that the winds of change are finally beginning to blow. Dr Cutajar’s admirable and brave book blazes the trail, suggesting that proper employment and education/training opportunities now need to be put in place, and that individual self-worth and community-wide empowerment merit immediate encouragement at the highest level of Maltese public life. Past injustices and stigma cannot now be easily ignored, if only because Bormla’s wonderful history and cultural potential could so obviously become a cornerstone of Malta’s re-vamped tourism package. A far cry indeed from ‘Cisk n’ Chips’ on an overcrowded beach.


The difficulty here is of course ‘kick-starting’ this whole process of local regeneration, especially in a country like Malta where most things are run on a ‘top-down’ basis. Small businesses, as Dr Cutajar explains, will simply not put down roots in Bormla, let alone flourish, until the ground has been properly prepared by central government. But will central government make that move if it chooses to see only the familiar scene of dereliction? Catch-22. Who makes the first move?


This is a book which will appeal to all impassioned advocates of Bormla, and yet serve as an eye-opener to those others, both foreign and national, who think that they know and love the rest of Malta. It will also appeal to students of sociology as an excellent field study in its own right. Most of all, it is required reading for Maltese politicians of all persuasions, and any others solemnly charged with the public good. Will they take up the challenge? I hope so.


Nicholas Dakin


(Source: Amazon)




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Book launch of Ballun Pingut 2




Ballun Pingut 2 by Keith Attard (FARAXA Publishing, 2014) will be presented for the first time to the general public on Friday, June 6, 2014. The launch will take place at the Hotel Le Meridien, Saint Julians, Malta, at 7.30pm. During the event, the author will be speaking about his book and a featured guest, Andre Schembri, will also be present. Signed copies of the paperback edition of Ballun Pingut 2 will be directly available for purchase. Seating is limited. If you wish to attend, please email at or call 79297563 / 99820157 to reserve your place. The Facebook Page of the book and further details about both the author and the launch can also be found here. Refreshments will be provided.




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NEW RELEASE – Ballun Pingut 2




FARAXA Publishing has the pleasure of announcing the release of its latest book Ballun Pingut 2 by Keith Attard. This second edition of Ballun Pingut comprises 1400 terms and expressions in the Maltese language, all linked to the world of soccer. The author explains the terms and gives them in alphabetical order. The book can interest different audiences such as those who love the Maltese language and those who form part of the soccer world.

Ballun Pingut 2 can be used as an aid for commentators, journalists, writers and those who write their opinions on soccer, to have a strong guide for their work and so that the language used can be of the highest quality. In this newly revised and enlarged edition, the author provides more than 570 new terms and expressions associated with the world of soccer.


Ballun Pingut 2 is available in paperback edition from all major booksellers including Amazon and directly from our eStore. The book is also available in ebook edition.




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