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Preface to Bormla: A Struggling Community






Preface written by Carmel Borg, Ph.D. (Associate Professor in Education Studies, University of Malta)


In Bormla: A Struggling Community, Dr. JosAnn Cutajar tells the story of a resilient community damaged by lack of proper organic and coherent political action. Years of accumulated neglect and missed opportunities led to the partial slummification of an area historically known for its vibrant economic output, creation of national wealth and cultural hybridity.


Bormla is a city that is rusted but not ghostly. The book reveals a large section of its community that is proud of its history, is interested in its present and looks forward to a better future. Reading carefully through the rich data presented in the book, one can sense that the Bormliżi are aware that the city is largely damaged not by the actions of its residents but by structural forces at the macro-level. The socioeconomic relations generated by such forces are ideological in nature and materially reversible and, therefore, there is hope and possiblity for the Bormliżi. 


The demarginalization of parts of Bormla lies not in charitable acts but in real opportunites for social and economic capital. A sound understanding of how communites are actively dehumanized and how urban areas are regenerated constitutes a productive start. The material presented in this book contributes to such an understanding. 


Blaming the victim is a popular response to Bormla’s predicament. There is little rationale and no science in such blaming. It is largely reproduced through physical distance and intellectual disengagement. Internal racism has largely been ignored. The Bormliżi are at the receiving end of such racism and, as indicated in one of the sections of this book, their life chances are often compromised by false perceptions. Through personal anecdotes and oral histories, in this book Cutajar clearly shows that prejudice is widespread and cuts across social classes and levels of education. A healing process calls for authentic dialogue with the injured community and for concrete action which is informed by economic solidarity and social justice.


Cutajar problematises the assumpion that the people of Bormla lack ambition. Aspirations stem from real opportunities. Material deprivation and marginalisation undermine academic achievement and real life chances. Decoupling education from material and social and emotioinal contexts has the effect of numbing society from the real causes of persistent underachievement. Rightly so, in this book the author challenges us to turn around the country to face Bormla with concern, solidarity, real engagement, collaboration and dialogue.




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Top 10 posts and pages for 2013




Here are the top 10 posts and pages for FARAXA Books during 2013:


  1. Il-Villagg ta’ Serpentinu – The Village of Little Snake
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  10. Joe Fenek Discovers Christmas




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Happy New Year to all our readers

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To all our readers from FARAXA Publishing

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FARAXA translator of Santa Klaws book featured on TV




The interview featuring Matthew Scerri, Ph.D., translator of the classic children’s book Il-Hajja u l-Avventuri ta’ Santa Klaws by Frank L. Baum can be seen today, 20th December 2013, on Tuffihat Migduma at 9.45pm on Television Malta 2. Matthew can be seen above reading excerpts from the book during the book fair held recently in Gozo. The television interview with Matthew will be repeated as follows:


Television Malta 2 (TVM 2): Friday at 2.15pm and 9.45pm; Saturday at 10.30am and Sunday at 6.00pm.


Television Malta 1 (TVM 1): Tuesday at 11.30am; Wednesday at 10.45pm and Sunday at 9.30am.


The interview will be also available for viewing online starting from 21st December at





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FARAXA Publishing is two years old




Whoa! FARAXA Publishing is now two years old! Who would have thought?

I am pleased that over the past two years, at FARAXA we have progressed effectively through many developmental stages. We experienced so much growth, in such a relatively brief period of time, that it sometimes feels incredible.


We presently have many new, forthcoming ideas and projects, so we would be most pleased if you continued journeying with us as many of you have been doing. One of these projects is that we are venturing into Big Books with our first children’s book in Spanish.


Keeping you posted along the way, we look forward with pleasure to giving you more details about our exciting publications for 2014. Thank you for your interest in our publications.


Joanne Micallef,


Director, FARAXA Publishing




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Double World – 2




When I recently read the poem Double World that I wrote in 1990, I saw a major change in the way I have come to look at life. Although the poem was about another individual, the attitude projected within it reflected my mindset at the time. Words describe the inner self even if this act is not done intentionally. These days it would not cross my mind to write such a poem.


I have travelled far in the opposite direction. My vision of life and emotions are intertwined, moving along hand-in-hand throughout the years. I now look at life in a different manner and although hurdles exist on the way, the way in which I address situations makes life very worthwhile. Today I appreciate more than before the goodness which dots the darkened landscape.


I feel great hope for the future. This hope, in fact, is reflected in the logo I originally picked for FARAXA Publishing. The spiral shown in the logo and which goes upwards denotes where we shall all eventually reach, if we let ourselves; that is, a very evolved state. Butterflies – FARAXA means butterfly – denote a new way of life, a complete removal from our former ways of being.




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NEW RELEASE – Flower Power




FARAXA Publishing have the pleasure of announcing their latest, new release Flower Power by Ramona Attard. A picture book in English with great appeal for young children, Flower Power is the fifth book in FARAXA’s Children’s Series.

The engaging story of a young girl, Bella, is presented: On a beautiful, sunny day, Bella went into the garden to play. Let’s discover what each flower had to say. Bella will lead the way…


Flower Power is a vibrant picture book to give children for the holidays. It is available from all major bookstores in paperback edition.




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FARAXA’s Ricasoli Soldier in the news




Ricasoli Soldier: A Novel Inspired by True Events written by Maltese-French author Joe Scicluna was recently featured in the Sunday Times of Malta. FARAXA’s first historical novel in English, Ricasoli Soldier is set in the early 1800s when the British had just landed in the small, Mediterranean island of Malta.

This book was inspired by a true story which occurred in 1807. The main character, Leo Bonanno, left his native Sicily in 1806 to enlist as a soldier with the British Army in Malta. He held many hopes, dreams and ambitions of youth, among which was the desire to become a professional soldier to better serve his country. Stationed at Fort Ricasoli during his initial stay in Malta as an enlisted man, Leo made new friends and fell madly in love with Lisa, a beautiful village girl from Kalkara. But all Leo’s hopes, dreams and ambitions soon turned into a terrifying nightmare and an incomparable battle for survival, due to the unfolding of certain unexpected events.

At around 10.00 EUR and free shipping worldwide, Ricasoli Soldier is another great paperback to give as a gift for the holidays. It is also available in Kindle and Epub editions.




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NEW RELEASE – Joe Fenek discovers Christmas




FARAXA Publishing has the pleasure of announcing the release of its latest Christmas book for young children, Joe Fenek Discovers Christmas by Graham Bayes, the author of the popular children’s book The Adventures of Joe Fenek also published by FARAXA earlier this year.

In Joe Fenek Discovers Christmas, Joe Fenek – Joe the rabbit – meets up once again with his animal friends Jimmy the rat, Digger the shrew, Tony the rat, Horace the horse, Mario the mouse and Spikey the hedgehog, to discover the meaning of Christmas and the way humans celebrate this feast day in the Maltese Islands.


At only 0.99c in its present ebook edition (Kindle, Epub, PDF formats), Joe Fenek Discovers Christmas is a great, small gift for young children for the holidays. The book can also be obtained directly from our eStore.




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