All-Attacco! avvio all'esame d'italiano ai livelli SEC, Intermedio e oltre.

All-Attacco Book CoverAll-Attacco Book Cover





All-Attacco! Avvio all-Esame d’Italiano ai Livelli SEC, Intermedio ed Oltre by Patrick Sammut is a workbook designed for students preparing to sit for the Matriculation exam in the Italian language. The aim of the book is to facilitate linguistic maturity in students by presenting them with the opportunity of decodifying and understanding several texts and passages.


All’attacco! is comprised of 20 sections, with each section being divided into several parts. For example, the introductory passage is themed to a particular subject, followed by a grammatical exercise at both basic and intermediate levels. These are followed by sections on the lexicon, to help students build and strengthen their Italian vocabulary. More sections are dedicated to Italian idioms and discussions of various aspects of Italian culture (geography, politics, cinema, gastronomy, social problems, music, literature), which are illustrated to facilitate learning, understanding and integration. Then there is a section on revision, whereas the last section is specifically designed to facilitate the liberal expression of students in Italian on a variety of different subjects.


Structurally, All’ attacco! is organised to prepare students for the Secondary Education Certificate (SEC) examination. It also invites students to further their knowledge by providing various reference books and websites as resources. All’ attacco! is indispensable as a learning tool for students of the Italian language, both those desiring to be successful in the SEC exam and those at or aspiring to reach Intermediate and Advanced levels. All’attacco is available in paperback edition.