Il-Villaġġ ta' Serpentinu

Illustrations by Marvic Spiteri

Il-Villaġġ ta’ Serpentinu by Christabel Attard is a book in the form of a poem with rhymes aimed for children aged 8 to 10. The story starts from a point in the narrative whereby Adam and Eve departed from the Garden of Eden and left the snake alone. The main character in the book is the little snake, Serpentinu. He determines to give life to the garden and changes it into a village. Serpentinu puts up advertisements because to unite the community, different professions are needed. A wide range of animals respond to Serpentinu’s adverts, all of which carry out worthwhile jobs in the community. But then Serpentinu seems to disappear . . . Il-Villaġġ ta’ Serpentinu facilitates exploration of various themes such as poetry, diverse animals and different kinds of work can be explored. Questions are also raised throughout the book to spur critical thinking in its young readers.