Tommy u s-sabiħ tal-qari u rakkonti oħra għat-tfal

Written by Patrick Sammut
Illustrations by Salvina L. Aquilina


‘Tommy u s-Sabiħ tal-Qari’ u rakkonti oħra għat-tfal by Patrick Sammut, with colored illustrations by Salvina L. Aquilina, comprises 20 short stories for children aged 9 to 11 years. The stories are written in simple Maltese into which idiomatic Maltese is frequently incorporated. The writing of these stories was inspired by the experiences children go through in their daily lives – for example from dreams, television programs and specific cartoons. These stories present non-human characters with human attributes including speech and, at certain points, the stories are so moving they can make readers laugh or cry. ‘Tommy u s-Sabiħ tal-Qari’ is available in paperback edition.