Ittra lil Tarbija li Qatt ma Twieldet

Translated by Christine Bajada


Ittra lil Tarbija li Qatt ma Twieldet / Lettera a un Bambino Mai Nato by Oriana Fallaci, translated from the Italian by Christine Bajada. This is a best-selling novel whereby the world famous Italian journalist Fallaci addresses the fetus in her womb, setting forth the struggle of a woman to choose between the career she loves and an unexpected pregnancy, within the context of the unfairness of life.


“Mother! Let me speak, mother. Do not be afraid. There should not be any fear of the truth. After all, the truth has already been revealed. Everyone spoke the truth and you know: you taught me that the truth comprises many different realities. Both those who accused you and who defended are correct, as well as those who condemned you and who set you free . . . But those judgments count for nothing. Your parents are correct in saying you cannot enter into someone else’s soul, that I am the sole witness. Only I, mother, can declare that you have killed me without killing me. Only I can explain how and why you did this. Mother, I never asked to be born . . .” Ittra lil Tarbija li Qatt ma Twieldet is available in paperback edition.