The Legend of Amanda Robins




The Legend of Amanda Robins by 14-year-old, Maltese-New Yorker Corrine Annette Zahra. First things first, I shall tell you to beware! The day Amanda was born is an important day for she was sent to save human and magical kind on earth. The Legend of Amanda Robins is full of fantasy and mystery. Vampires, werewolves and many other magical creatures roam throughout this book, not to mention humans and Amanda herself. Nowadays, humans do not believe in Amanda, so I am here to show you all how real she is. Deep down, inside, Amanda Robins is an exquisite, legendary, rare and unique creature – one of a kind, even among her own kind. Since Amanda is a legend, I present this story to you, so that you decide whether it is true or not. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Amanda the Magnificent. The foreward to the book can be found hereThe Legend of Amanda Robins is available in paperback and ebook editions from Amazon, major bookstores and directly from our eStore at FARAXA Publishing.

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