Il-Wied tad-Dinosawri

Il-Wied tad-Dinosawri by David Pace and illustrations by Bernard Micallef and Jeanelle Zammit. Dominic and Angele loved staying at their grandfather’s cottage in Wied il-Ghasel (Honey's Valley) during the summer holidays. Their grandfather was different than their other grandparents, he was active, intelligent and always thought of new ways for his grandchildren to have fun and learn something new. They loved being with their grandfather because they always had something to do. 

And in the valley they used to imagine fantastical adventures. They had played amongst the trees before they went back to the cottage where they would have a hearty dinner prepared for them. They would swim in the pond and be told a story before they slept and their day would be complete.

One day when they were playing in the valley they noticed a strange light and went to investigate. They didn’t realise that it was a secret door that led into different worlds, which would lead them to the Valley of the Dinosaurs. In this strange world, they will face grave dangers, and they will have the greatest adventure of their life. They will also reveal grandpa Salvu’s secrets as they explore the new world they found.

Il-Wied tad-Dinosawri is available in paperback edition.