Ir-Re tal-Ġungla u s-Skiet Misterjuż

Written By Therese Pace

 Ir-Re tal-Ġungla u s-Skiet Misterjuż [The King of the Jungle and the Mysterious Silence] by the award-winning Maltese author Therese Pace. This book is intended to address the issue of fear in young children.

“The lion, king of the jungle, realized that a certain silence had fallen in his kingdom. The birds stopped singing, the animals were nowhere to be seen and even the wind seemed to have stopped blowing. What was the reason for such strange behaviors? The lion knew that, as the king, it was up to him to investigate what was happening. What could he do to find a solution to this problem? Was there a remedy for it? As soon as the animals and the insects started opening up their hearts to him, the lion was able to set their minds at rest and life in the jungle could return to normal.


“Presenting color pictures of life in the jungle, drawn with a skill that brings beauty to the eyes and set in the context of the story with its subtle messages, Ir-Re tal-Gungla u s-Skiet Misterjuz contains all the necessary qualities to be highly attractive to children. This story also encourages children to open their hearts when needed so that they can let go of any fears they may have.” Ir-Re tal-Ġungla u s-Skiet Misterjuż is available in paperback edition.