Nimirħu maż-Żmien

Translated by Marlene Saliba

Nimirħu maż-Żmien by Marlene Saliba, previously published in English under the title Time-Faring. This is FARAXA’s second poetry publication. Saliba is a writer and former lecturer in English literature at the University of Malta. In Nimirħu maż-Żmien, Saliba journeys poetically through the cosmos and the perfection found in it is well reflected in the meticulous way in which she has employed her vocabulary. Besides very finely polished ideas and a wide variety of metric forms, Saliba presents rich terminology in these poems that results in musical verses which leave one struck with awe at the rhymes employed and symbolic imagery used, most of which relates to nature and the universe such as stars, trees, rivers, seas, the sky and the winds. This kind of imagery reflects the search of humankind for the essence of its existence beyond that which is transitory and inessential. Nimirħu maż-Żmien is available in paperback edition.