Bonds in the Mirror of Time

 Bonds in the Mirror of Time by Rena Balzan, Ph.D., translated from the original Maltese by Antoinette Pace. In this novel, love and selfishness are continually in competition with each other, dominating the lives of the protagonists in the story. Why was Nada abandoned by her mother, Erica, when both needed each other so much? And who really was Maris? Why was Claud dating her when, in reality, he loved Nada? The painter, a very reserved individual, was afraid to fulfil himself as an artist. Why? Why did he end his relationship with Erica, the woman who desired to help him succeed at all cost? In this novel, the human bonding that exists between the main protagonists is not necessarily annihilated by death. On the contrary, the psychological barriers that death portrays present a challenge for overcoming them. Bonds in the Mirror of Time is available in paperback edition.

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