Is-Sur Ibrahim u l-Fjuri fil-Koran / Monsier Ibrahim et les Fleurs du Coran

Translated by Toni Aquilina

Is-Sur Ibrahim u l-Fjuri fil-Koran / Monsieur Ibrahim et les Fleurs du Coran by Eric Emmanuel Schmitt, translated into the Maltese language by Toni Aquilina, D. es L. This is the eighth book in the FARAXA Translation Series. The play Is-Sur Ibrahim u l-Fjuri fil-Koran is set in a working-class, Parisian neighborhood in the mid-20th century. A young Jewish boy who is growing up without a mother and with a depressed father, meets an elderly, Turkish, grocery store owner whom he regularly robs.  The pair, however, develop an unusual relationship. The elderly Turk adopts the young boy when the latter’s father commits suicide . . . The play has also been adapted into a French movie starring Omar Sharif and directed by Francois Dupeyron. Is-Sur Ibrahim u l-Fjuri fil-Koran is available in paperback edition.