One Compulsive Desire

One Compulsive Desire by Dion P. P. Pizzuto and illustrations by Susan Arena.

"I have been an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) sufferer since as long as I can remember and writing this book has helped me to cope with it. I found it very therapeutic to write down all the painful things that have been happening to me, in order to separate myself from them and try to see things from a fresh perspective. I hope that this book helps my readers in the same way, and will be therapeutic for those who read it.

For many years my disorder didn’t have a name, yet OCD still affected millions of people like me worldwide. Nowadays, the number of OCD sufferers is still rising. The more knowledgeable one becomes about the disorder, the more ammunition one has against fighting it, or learning to live with it. OCD may not have killed me as yet, but it surely has tormented my life and made my existence a constant battle. I would give anything to be rid of it.

Whether you suffer from mild OCD tendencies, or battle a severe case of OCD, this book can be of help to you and others in order to identify the fact and realize that you are not alone in your suffering and encourage you to get help. When our quest for perfection rivals the joys of living in the present and now, joy is extinguished. Finding the right balance is always the challenge."

One Compulsive Desire is available in paperback and ebook editions.