Meinrad Calleja


Meinrad Calleja has an M.A. in Arabic. In 1999, his writing on Aspects of Racism in Malta, a study of racism trends in Malta was published. Similarly, in 2000, his writing on Islam and The Dynamics of Power was published: a study of Islamic political science and philosophy. This focused on how Islam was distorted by various regimes who formed symbiotic alliances with religious authorities, giving rise to various strands of radical Islamic movements.

In 2012, his book The Philosophy of Desert Metaphors in Ibrahim al-Koni: The Bleeding of the Stone was published. It is a text dealing with philosophical reflections concealed in the stylistics of a novel. Also in 2012, his book The Battle Roar of Silence: Foucault and The Carceral System was similarly published. This text deals with the philosophy of law, morality, and punishment; focusing on freedom and the use of the carceral system, as a system of constraints supported by pseudo-scientific discourses.

Calleja's main areas of interest are philosophy, sociology, psychoanalysis, history and literature. Apart from interests in French philosophy, particularly Foucault, Badiou, Derrida, Deleuze, Lyotard, Althusser, Bachelard, Barthes, Guattari and others, his interests include Marx, Mao, Kant, The Frankfurt School, The Critical Theorists, Laclau and Mouffe.

He is particularly interested in radical philosophical perspectives that focus on interdisciplinary studies that examine power, authority and hegemonic control mechanisms. Also interested in belief-value systems and the restraints they impose on human consciousness.