Joe Scicluna

 Born and raised on the island of Malta, Joe Scicluna has lived most of his life in the southeast of France, in the town of Grenoble nestled in the Alps. He draws a sense of balance from the stark contrast between this mountainous region and the sun-baked Mediterranean island which he still calls home. "As I get older, the more passionate I am becoming about the culture and the heritage of the Maltese islands" says Joe. It is precisely this passion that motivated him to publish his first two books which were translations from French of eyewitness accounts during the period of Napoleon's invasion and the subsequent occupation in 1798. Following on this same theme, Joe Scicluna has just launched his latest book which is a historical novel set in the early 19th century during the first years of Malta's British rule. The book, titled "Ricasoli Soldier" was inspired by true, but little-known, events that took place in 1807. Joe wants his readers to learn about Malta and what the Maltese lived through during those years of tumultuous change by means of this true but gripping story packed with suspense.