Carmel Mallia

Carmel Mallia was born in Ħal Qormi, Malta, in 1929; he wrote poetry in English, Esperanto, French, Italian and Maltese. He published anthologies of original poetry in Esperanto, English, Maltese and French.He translated into Esperanto and published two anthologies of poetry written by Maltese poets. He won the first prize for his play in Esperanto ‘Najbaroj’ Neigħbours) after an international competition of play writing in Esperanto edited yearly by the Universala Esperanto-Asocio (Universal Esperanto-Ass.).

Mallia won various prizes in poetry competitions both in Malta and abroad; his first novel in Esperanto appeared in 2002 andhis four historical novels in Maltese appeared during the last two years,   He contributes cultural articles to Maltese newspapers, and to various Esperanto literary reviews abroad.He is founder member of  Esperantista Verkista Asocio  (Society of Esperantist writers); honorary member of the Maltese Poets’Association; president of the Malta Esperanto-Societo and of the Għaqda Ġuże’ Muscat-Azzopardi/Awturi Qriema (association of authors hailing from Ħal Qormi); he is also an Akademiano (member of the Esperanto Academy).

Mallia is Honorary President of Anici Band Club of Ħal Qormi and Hon. Member of the Għaqda Poeti Maltin (Maltese Poets’Ass.) He is Hon. Chairperson of Kunsill Ċiviku Żabbar and was awarded ‘Ġieħ Ħal Qormi’ and ‘Ġieħ Ħaż-Żabbar’.