Alexander Haddad

Alexander Haddad is an American poet, writer and editor. He is the founder and former executive director of Old Growth Northwest, a community and advocacy organization for poets and writers living in the Pacific Northwest. His work on Snow in Amman reflects his long-standing love affair with the literature and culture of the Near East, as well as a fascination with his own Levantine roots.


 As an undergraduate at Georgetown University, Haddad studied Arabic language and literature, together with his degree in Contemporary American Studies. His undergraduate capstone project – an original, allegorical novel paired with a "skeleton key" style exegesis – was awarded the 2009 Mary Catherine Mita Prize for Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis. Haddad has received numerous other awards for his writing, including a National Silver Medal in nonfiction by The New York Times/Alliance for Arts & Writing. He lives in Portland, Oregon.