Michael Grech

Michael Grech is from Hal Gharghur. He teaches philosophy at the Junior College of the University of Malta and with a local NGO. Grech studied philosophy in Malta and in the United Kingdom, focusing primarily on contemporary metaphysics in the analytic tradition, philosophy of language and the relation between these. Besides his academic concerns, his interests include politics, religion, cultural issues and the relationship between these. The themes with which he engaged, both in print and in popular media (including radio-programmes he co-produced), include Immigration to Europe, Liberation Theology, Manwel Dimech and his legacy, Islam, and the relationship between the eclipse of political ideologies and the dilution of democracy.  Grech writes sporadically in local newspapers. He edited and contributed to Knisja tat-Triq (2006) and Alla u l-Letteratura (2010), and co-edited with Profs Carmel Borg and contributed to Lorenzo Milani’s Culture of Peace (2010).  With Dr Clive Zammit, he is the co-editor of the (if this is the name of a publication remove the word THE before magazine?) magazine?aplatform?. Grech’s largely ancillary involvement with NGOs enabled him to demystify his views on these, and provided him with the opportunity to come across some fantastic individuals as well as numerous charlatans.