Rena Balzan

Rena Balzan, Ph.D., graduated in Pharmacy at the University of Malta, then specialized in Genetics at the State University of Milan, Italy. She obtained her doctorate in Biotechnology/Molecular Biology at Cranfield University, England. Balzan is Senior Research Advisor with the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Malta. She is carrying out research work on the Molecular Genetics of Yeast and on Protein Mitochondrial Targeting, with particular focus on the study of oxidative stress in living organisms and its eukaryotic response. In 1997-1998, Balzan was chairperson of the Malta Council for Science and Technology.

Rena Balzan is also a poet and a novelist. Besides scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, a number of her books have been published in the Maltese language as shown overleaf.

Some of her poems have also been translated into the English, French, Italian and German languages.


Literary Publications in Maltese

Ilwien Moħbija [Hidden Colors]. 1973. Veritas Press, Malta: A book of poems and short stories.

Fil-Firda l-Għażla [Choice in Separation]. 1981. Gulf Publishing Ltd., Malta: A novel.

Il-Ħolma Mibjugħa [The Betrayed Dream]. 1982. Gulf Publishing Ltd., Malta: A novel.

Turġien [Steps]. 1983. Gulf Publishing Ltd., Malta: A book of poems (co-author).

Ilkoll ta' Nisel Wieħed [Bonds in the Mirror of Time]. 1987. Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd., Malta, 1st edition (2nd edition, 1998): A novel.

Fiż-Żifna tal-Ibliet [Dancing to City Life] 1995. Bugelli Publications, Malta: A novel.

Alfa. 2000. Malta: A book of poems (co-author).