Godwin Ellul

Godwin Ellul was born on 27th December, 1959. He was educated at the Government Primary School at Ħamrun, at De la Salle College, Government Upper Secondary and at the Universities of Malta, Warwick and Bradford. He loves reading, travelling and cooking.

He worked for several years in the telecommunications industry, and for a number of years was assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Management, Economics and Accountancy at the University of Malta. He is currently employed with the Education Department and teaches Business Studies. He also contributes to local literary reviews.

He is the author of a number of poetry books which include, amongst others: Imħuħ Imħallta (1982); A Poetic Galaxy (1983); Msiebaħ Mediterrani / Lucerne Mediterranée (Antologia Poetica) (1995) and Ilħna ta’ Qalb Imnikkta (Ġabra ta’ Poeżiji) (2008).

He is also the author of a number of translations including: Kjaroskur (1994); The Collected Short Stories of Sir Temi Zammit (1995); The Silver Crucifix by Henry Austin Born (1998); Shadows of the Truth by Gużè Ellul Mercer (2003); Selina by J. J. Camilleri (2005); Il‑Mixja ta’ Ħajti by Sir Arturo Mercieca (2010);

Other works include: Maltese Business: the Challenges Ahead with Albert Caruana (1996); Indiċi Ġenerali – Rajt Malta Tinbidel by Herbert Ganado (1999); Glossarju Bilingwali ta’ Termini Kummerċjali Ingliż‑Malti (2012)


He is married to Mary Anne and they have one son, Ian, who is married to Analise.