Linda Henry

Linda Henry was born on the edge of London, and at eleven years won a scholarship to the well-known Godolphin and Latymer Girls' School, Hammersmith. She opted to study Latin and Greek and gained double Honours in Classics at Bristol University. Her family hails from the Lake District and she taught her subjects at two state schools in the North West of England, before coming on holiday to Malta in 1985. Here she met her second husband, Colin. They decided to give up their hectic jobs for a year, since she had been told that it was very unlikely she would have children. The lack of stress and the Maltese climate obviously worked, as her daughter Jessica was born in 1987. In Malta, she taught Classics at the University of Malta and a number of other school for twelve years, with a ten year stint at an English Language school. She retired in 2012 after a 36-year career and settled happily in Xaghra, Gozo. Her daughter and three grandchildren live in nearby Nadur.