Dion P. P. Pizzuto


Dion P.P. Pizzuto was born to Maltese immigrants and raised in Australia. In 1960, Dion’s parents emigrated to Sydney, Australia with him when he was one year of age.

For the most part of his life he lived in the inner-city suburbs of Sydney later moving to its south-western suburbs. At age 39 Dion retuned to live in Malta permanently and resettled in his birthplace, Hamrun, where he has lived ever since.

Dion achieved his A-level English Certificate at the University of Malta, after which he completed a TEFL course and became a teacher of English at EC Malta, where he has worked since.

Over the years and while working at EC Malta, Dion successfully completed both a Certificate TESOL and a Diploma TESOL course in English.

Dion was inspired to start writing short stories after achieving his A-level English Certificate in 2001 and within a few years took on writing poetry with passion and endurance.

Dion was diagnosed with OCD in 2004 and has written hundreds of poems to date on it and various other subjects.

The author is still teaching English and hopes his poems will be of inspiration and motivation to others.