Toni Aquilina

Anthony (Toni) Aquilina (Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Palmes Académiques) is Associate Professor within the Department of Translation, Terminology and Interpreting Studies of the University of Malta. He graduated B.A. (Hons) at the University of London and DI.M.A.V., M. ès L., D.E.A., and D. ès L. at the University of Poitiers, in France. Served for twelve years as Subject Coordinator (French) and eight years as Area Coordinator (Languages) at the Junior College of the University of Malta.

Aquilina read papers in various international conferences held both in Malta and overseas. Authored several papers in refereed journals and translated original French works into Maltese, ten of which have already been published: 'L'Arlesienne / L-Arlesjana' (1993) by Alphonse Daudet; 'L-Eté / Is-Sajf' (1997) by Albert Camus; 'L'Amie de Madame Maigret / Il-Ħabiba ta' Madame Maigret' (1999) by Georges Simenon; 'Le Petit Prince / Iċ-Ċkejken Prinċep' (2000) by Antoine de Saint Exupéry; 'Marroca et autres contes / Marroca u Rakkonti Oħra' (2003) by Guy de Maupassant; 'La symphonie pastorale / Is-Sinfonija Pastorali' (2005) by André Gide; 'En Attendant Godot / Sa Ma Jasal Godot' (2006) by Samuel Beckett; 'Le Donneur d'eau bénite et autre contes / Tal-Ilma Mbierek u Rakkont Oħra' (2007) by Guy de Maupassant, 'La Beauté iinutile / Sbuħija Moħlija' (2012) also by Guy de Maupassant as well as 'Le dieu du carnage /.L-Alla tal-Ħerba' by Yasmina Reza (2012). Co-translated into Maltese 'Many Lives, Many Masters / Ħafna Ħajjiet, Ħafna Mgħallmin' (2011) by Dr Brian Weiss. Edited and co-authored: 'Français-niveau intérmediaire' (2003); 'Théorie et pratique de la traduction littéraire français-maltais' (2008), 'Glossarju Franċiż-Malti / Malti-Franċiż' (2009) and 'Glossarju Ġermaniż-Malti / Malti-Ġermaniż' (2012).


Finally, he co-authored the Maltese translation of the film subtitles of 'Les Choristes / Il-Koristi', directed by Christophe Barratier as well as those of 'Fight Club' directed by David Fincher.