Larisa Dmitrieva

Larisa Dmitrieva, Ph.D., is our new Russian language translator at FARAXA Publishing. Originally from Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Larisa double graduated in 2006 as a translator and interpreter from Krasnoyarsk State University and as a teacher from the State Pedagogical University. She then continued her studies at the Lomonosov Moscow State University from where, last year, she obtained her doctorate with the dissertation Lingvosemiotic theories of Rene de Saussure as a stage of structuralism formation. Larisa has lectured in linguistics and taught English and Latin at the Lomonosov State University in Moscow. She has also taught English and French at the Academy of Foreign Languages, Moscow, and worked as a translator and teacher of English at the Consulate of Denmark. For the past seven years, she has been a lecturer in linguistics and teacher of English, French, Latin and Turkish at the Leo Tolstoy Institute of Language and Culture.

Fluent in the English, Esperanto, French, Latin, Russian and Turkish languages, Larisa has published articles in Russian, English and Esperanto in 20 peer-reviewed journals in Russia, participating also in more than 20 conferences. Last month she participated in the international conference Dialogue of cultures: Problems and prospects of modern intercultural communication. Russian is a language of friendship and collaboration (Leo Tolstoy Institute, Moscow House of Nationalities, Moscow, 2014), with her presentation titled The origin of the Russian language and its role in Malta.