Our History

FARAXA Publishing House was established with the aim of publishing literary and non-literary translations, while not excluding other genres of writing. Originally established in Malta, Faraxa is now expanding both internationally and in terms of genres published. Faraxa Books is the commentary and information blog of Faraxa Publishing House, whereby we feature news and details about Faraxa publications, various book excerpts and reviews, author interviews, pre-publication/special offers and more. This blog is also serving as a temporary site while our official website is being revamped. The latter will be up and running within a few weeks.

Malta is a bilingual country whereby both Maltese and English are official languages. Since Malta became a member of the European Union, translation started playing an even greater role in our lives. Thus Faraxa Publishing House focuses mainly on translations, putting on the market various works translated from English to Maltese and vice versa, as well as works translated into other languages. Faraxa Publishing launched the FARAXA Translation Series in November 2011 and, to date, has published its fourth translated work. Other translations presently in press are:

  • Tony Cutajar’s Opri Popolari fil-Gzejjer Maltin / Popular Operas in the Maltese Islands, rewritten in English;
  • The second edition of a children’s book in Esperanto, also translated into Maltese;
  • Some works by Albert Camus, to commemorate 100 years from his birth;
  • Daniel Rondeau’s Malta Ħanina (Rondeau was French Ambassador to Malta).
  • A novel by Italian author/journalist Oriana Fallaci, newly translated into Maltese.

More information about Faraxa Publishing House can be found at our website. We can also be reached by phone at (+356) 99820157, by email through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or directly through the contact form on this blog.